Guitar PRO 6.1.0 r10558
Satu lagi nih teman buat kalian yang suka ama musik khusunya main gitar. Saya ga tau nih software buat apaan soalnya ga bisa main gitar, klo teman yang hobi main gitar pasti tau gunanya. Keteranganya ada di bawah maaf klo bahasa inggris :D
Home Page: www.guitar-pro.com
OS | OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Interface | Interface: multilingual
Size | Size: 38.02 MB
Password: www.2baksa.net
Guitar PRO 6.1.0 r10558 + Keymaker_EMBRACE
  • Recording of music for guitar, bass guitar, banjo, and also for many other instruments and ensembles in the form of tablature or sheet music charts (with a corresponding set of tabs tablature line with musical notation and vice versa); 
  • Creating a party for winds, strings, musical instruments; the creation of parties to the drum set and percussion; 
  • Add lyrics and link it to the notes of the tracks with vocals; 
  • Built-builder and the determinant of the guitar chords;  
  • Exports generated scores in MIDI, ASCII, MusicXML, WAV, PNG, PDF, GP5 (in Guitar Pro 6), printing; 
  • Import of MIDI, ASCII, MusicXML, Power Tab (. Ptb), TablEdit (. Tef)  
  • A virtual guitar fretboard, keyboard, piano and percussion instruments panel, which displays the notes are played at the moment. With their help, you can also create and edit • Party of the instrument; 
  • Built-in metronome, guitar tuner, transpose tool paths;  
  • A large number of tools for display in the notes specific to the guitar playing techniques and choice of options for scoring; 
  • Starting with version 5, the program appeared Technology RSE (Realistic Sound Engine), allowing to bring the guitar to the real, and applying various effects (guitar "gadgets", the effect of «wah-wah», etc.) in real time
  • Supports legacy programs - gtp, gp3, gp4, and gp5 (for versions 5.x and 6.0).  
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