Windows Seven Transformation Pack 5.1 akan mengubah tampilan windows xp secara kesluruhan tampak seperti windows seven 7.

Anda dapat menggunakan Seven Transformation Pack secara mudah untuk membuat/ memodifikasi total tampilan dekstop windows xp seperti windows 7 secara gratis.

Fitur Terbaru dari Seven Transformation Pack

    * Fixed infamous welcome center being in used while reinstalling
    * Fixed missing files bugs in setup integration
    * Fixed missing taskkill.exe error in some machines
    * Fixed potential dwwin.exe errors during shutdown
    * Fixed shutdown dialog resource patching glitches when new updates are available
    * Fixed unsubscribing to Windows X's Live failure in Welcome Center
    * Improved deferred launcher to give startup applications lower priorities for better system performance
    * Updated ViGlance build to official release in website


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